Established 2011


We have three key sources of inspiration: the clarity and functionality of classic modernism, the exuberant, flowing lines of art deco, and the integrity of natural objects.

Each piece springs from long contemplation and a series of sketches and prototypes which gradually hone the initial idea into a unique and deeply pleasing shape.

Then the engineering begins – choosing the materials, the techniques and methods which will transform the idea into a strong, long-lived object

Made By Hand

Each Stuart Scott piece is built by hand in our workshop in Wiltshire, England. Nothing is
mass-produced. This ensures complete attention to detail, structural integrity and sheer build quality. We never compromise.

When we finish each piece, it is signed and numbered: a unique hand-made masterpiece.

Finest Tailored Furniture

Stuart Scott is a self-confessed perfectionist. He is driven to design furniture that combines geometric modernist precision, flowing organic beauty, and pure comfort. His work is the product of a singular vision and a deep engagement with authentic natural materials of great character. The results are hand-made masterpieces designed to stand the test of time.

The Designer

Stuart Scott is inspired by classic 20th century design and an array of materials, techniques and crafts that date back hundreds of years. His aim is for the materials he uses to speak for themselves without over-manipulation.

He views his approach as neither nostalgic nor futuristic. He borrows from the best of the past and makes use of whatever he needs from the present to create long-lasting, authentic furniture. This is old-fashioned integrity with a stripped back contemporary edge.

Ultimately Stuart’s attitude to his work is simple. ‘Everything has to be perfect.’